Dear Parent or carer

Since returning to school after the Easter break, we have been really pleased with the attitude of the young people and their engagement in learning.  There is a really nice atmosphere in each centre and it has been lovely to see all of the young people again.

As I am sure you all know, in line with recommendations from the DFE and Public Health, the wearing of face coverings in school is mandatory in all communal areas and on corridors and in addition we are recommending the wearing of face coverings in classrooms where social distancing cannot be maintained.  We have a risk assessment in place that is available on our website at  which is updated regularly to reflect new guidance.

It is vital that face coverings are worn correctly and so we would like you to support us in reminding the pupils of the following:

  • They should clean their hands before and after touching their face coverings – including to remove or put them on
  • They should store them in individual, sealable plastic bags between use
  • Where a face covering becomes damp, it should not be worn, and the face covering should be replaced carefully
  • Pupils may consider bringing a spare face covering to wear in the event that their face covering becomes damp during the day (we will provide some spare ones)
  • Pupils should not touch the front of their face covering during use or when removing it
  • They should dispose of temporary face coverings in a ‘black bag’ waste bin (not recycling bin)
  • They should place reusable face coverings in a plastic bag so that they can take them home

This guidance will remain in place until at least the next review takes place with the Prime Minister on the 17th of May.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support as we can only get through this if we are working together.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Casson



Educational Diversity


Bathurst Avenue