Our curriculum is founded on the principles of nurture and we want to provide all our young people with a route to academic and vocational success, using personalised programmes of study that will enable them to achieve their highest potential in education, training and work.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • Improve outcomes in English and maths by developing pupils’ core skills, address gaps in their knowledge and build on what has been taught before.
  • Identify pupils’ developmental needs quickly and then initiate an individualised approach in order to meet those specific needs.
  • Ensure that our pupils see the value of what they are learning through real life experiences which make it relevant to their lives.
  • Promote achievement for everyone and ensure all pupils are valued, safe, nurtured, healthy, active and included.
  • Provide the platform to challenge, engage and motivate our young people in their learning, in a safe environment.
  • Implement an engaging approach to the learning of reading which develops pupils’ confidence and enjoyment in reading.
  • Develop a nurturing environment where teachers develop strong relationships with their pupils and are able to have a positive effect on pupils’ self esteem and are allowed the time and space in the curriculum for character education.
  • Meet the needs of our pupils with SEND and give them the knowledge and culture capital to succeed in life.
  • Encourage pupils to reflect on their own learning, strengths and areas to develop and identify the next steps on their learning journey/personal development.
  • Provide pupils with the skills to cope with  the transition to the next stage of learning.