Educational Diversity Careers Offer 

Key Stage 2 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
  Start in Blackpool
Year 11 Transition Offer
National Careers Week (6th - 11th March 2023)
PSHE/Citizenship Employment and Enterprise BTEC WorkSkills
        Work Experience  
Science Week (10th - 19th March 2023)
Primary Futures    

Note: Subject to change due to Covid restrictions.

Year 11 Transition Offer

Year 11s have access to careers education, information, advice and guidance throughout the school year. Through the Pathways For All programme they have a named Engagement Coach, providing ongoing support to build relationships, action plan and move on after Year 11. The Careers Lead will work with the ECs as well as all staff supporting Year 11 to deliver an impartial offer signposting to colleges, sixth forms, universities and traineeships/apprenticeships. They will be meaningful encounters and will link to employers/employees where possible. The Careers Lead and ECs will support all Year 11 SEN Transition Reviews and link to other statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure a smooth transition overcoming barriers to post 16 provision.

National Careers Week

6th - 11th March 2023 During this week all students will have the opportunity to meet employers/employees. They learn about individual career journeys, expectations for different job roles and employability skills needed.


Key Stage 2 learns aspects of careers through direct links to the PSHE curriculum. This includes looking at benefits of employment and progression at work. The cohort will consider their aspirations and look at particular jobs if there is an interest. Key Stage 2 have access to resources from ‘Positive Footprints’ and ‘Skills Builder’.

Employment and Enterprise

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have timetabled Enrichment sessions in the afternoon. One topic in this scheme of work is ‘Employment and Enterprise’. This allows students to explore their own employability skills, look at job seeking activity and consider employer demands such as Health and Safety.

BTEC Work Skills

Years 10 and 11 timetabled Level 1 units that support life and employability skills such as ‘Money Management’ and ‘Career Progression’. This allows students to think about their future in curriculum time and can link other careers activities such as the Year 11 Transition Offer and the Year 10 Work Experience offer.

Work Experience

In the Summer Term all Year 10 students will have the opportunity to take part in a week long work experience placement. Placements will be chosen in advance with school staff supporting the preparation and the interview. All students are visited regularly on placement and we have many positive outcomes in terms of learning about a workplace, engagement with professionals and gaining employability skills.

British Science Week

10th - 19th March 2023, whole school activities/learning coordinated by the Science Lead to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Primary Futures

This is a charity based organisation who seek to connect volunteers from the world of work to Primary aged students. The aim is to challenge stereotypes, improve attainment, broaden horizons and raise aspirations. By working closely with the teacher input will be both linked to the needs of the cohort and the curriculum.