Outreach Team

Educational Diversity Behaviour Support:

Educational Diversity specialises in educating pupils with Emotional, Behavioural and Social Difficulties. As such Educational Diversity have built a team of professionals who have a tool box of strategies for dealing with these disaffected students effectively.

As a result of the training and inparticular the experience that Educational Diversity staff have we are able to offer a number of Behaviour based packages to Blackpool schools / academies.

Recently our staff, have delivered at a number of ‘Cluster Meetings’ and conferences gaining excellent feedback from all the participants. We have also developed whole school projects, which look specifically at the behaviour of students across the school taking into account both staff and students opinions.

Available Packages / Support:

The Outreach Team:

The Educational Diversity Outreach Team (E.D.O.T) consists of Behaviour Advisory Teachers (BATs) and Emotional Wellbeing Workers (EWs). The Outreach Team works to support mainstream primary and secondary schools to bring about positive change in the emotional well-being and behaviour of children and young people.

We work with children and young people attending a Blackpool school / academy  from Reception to Year 11.  When it has been identified that there is a need for additional intervention, the team requires parent/carer consent.

We aim to promote inclusion and reduce the exclusion of children and young people by:

·        Conducting holistic assessments to better understand the young person’s behaviour and well being.

·        Providing advice, guidance and intervention to and for students with social, emotional and behavioural needs.

·        Working in partnership with schools, families, young people and outside agencies to plan interventions.

·        Supporting schools with plans for alternative provision (SERF/PRU) should this be in the best interest of the child.

Promoting Positive Behaviour: (1 hour / 2 hour)

Covering all aspects of positive behaviour management, the 1 hour training session incorporates a whistle stop tour of appropriate and effective strategies that have been tried and tested to secure a positive learning environment within classrooms.

This training session includes topics such as:

·        Building positive relationships

·        Positive reframing / communication

·        Graduated response to behaviour

·        Role modelling etc.

The 2 hour training session continues on the same themes, but gives a more in depth description of the strategies and what circumstances each strategy could be deployed in. This session culminates in an exercise for all staff that analyses the approach used by staff, in the management of behaviour, and the consistency of these approaches across the staff team within the establishment.

Management of Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA) Training:

Educational Diversity has a small team of MAPA trainers who can be booked through OWD to deliver either the Full MAPA training course (2 days) or the Refresher course (1 day).

With this training, we enable staff to safely disengage from situations that present risks to themselves or others. Participants learn to safely and effectively use a range of holding interventions that are appropriate to the circumstances when a person expresses themselves through challenging, aggressive, or violent behaviour, and to make choices regarding the use of disengaging from and/or holding a person.
On completion of the programme, other benefits include the abilities to:

·        Establish emotional contact and bonding between staff and the student through the use of verbal and physical interaction.

·        Allow the expression of anger, frustration, anxiety, and emotional turmoil in a safe and controlled environment.

·        Enable staff to explore issues of threat and confrontation with the student.

·        Enable students to recognise their feelings and to learn to express themselves in meaningful and constructive ways.

·        Help students identify and adopt alternative coping strategies.

·        Help students and staff alike develop more meaningful and trusting relationships.

Restorative Practice (RP):

The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

In schools, the use of restorative practices has been shown to reliably reduce inappropriate behaviour, bullying and violence among students and improve the overall climate for learning.

The use of restorative practices helps to:

·        reduce crime, violence and bullying

·        improve behaviour

·        improve effective leadership

·        restore relationships

·        repair harm

Tailor made Behaviour Packages:

Educational Diversity are willing to tailor make behaviour packages for schools and academies depending on their individual needs. These packages can include elements or all of the above but could also include:

·        Learning walks

·        Lesson Observations

·        1:1 support for staff

·        Support for identified teams / faculties / departments

·        Advising on the implementation of Policies and Procedures

For further information on any of the above please contact:

Daz Robinson

Deputy Headteacher Educational Diversity

Email:             Darius.robinson@blackpool.gov.uk

Tel No:           01253 476698