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If any of you have walked or driven along Bathurst Avenue in the past 6 months you will have noticed that our Pegasus centre has been growing at rather an alarming rate! In fact it is over twice the size it was and is now able to accommodate all of our KS3 and KS4 learners apart from those still accessing our Athena centre where the Home and Hospital  service is based.

These are exciting times in the ever changing and improving Educational Diversity and is allowing us to offer a broader and more appropriate “pathways” curriculum, especially for our KS4 learners, in both vocational and sport related learning opportunities. 

The new build  has given us, on one site, four new learning spaces and a purpose built vocational centre to incorporate teaching many aspects of design technology.  It also allows us to fully utilise the knowledge, skills and interests of a wider and diverse range of staff qualifications and interests across both key stages.