Chrysalis Project

Why Chrysalis? 

The Chrysalis Project is part of Educational Diversity, Blackpool. The objective of the provision is to offer support for students who are presenting with challenging behaviour within their mainstream setting, with a view to preventing behaviour escalating and requiring a permanent exclusion.  

The aim is to re-engage them back into learning with positive behaviour change and to support the student to remain within their host school.

What is Chrysalis

There are currently two projects that run at the Chrysalis Centre (12week project and 6week project). The Curriculum at the Chrysalis Project is mainly based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  NLP is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy developed by psychologists in the 1970s. It makes a connection between the neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through experience, with a belief that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.  

The particular curriculum used within the Chrysalis Project is taken from a programme developed specifically for working with young people with a view to avoid exclusion from school.  This programme has been tried and tested within various settings, including a PRU in Lancashire.

Wrapped around the NLP delivery, are the core subjects of Maths and English.  This is to enable the young people to keep up with some key skills during their attendance on the project, so as to minimise gaps in learning for when they return to their host school.  

Additional enrichment opportunities are provided for the students by our Youth Worker, which include: team building, confidence and self-esteem building work as well as outdoor and adventurous trips.  The curriculum is also enhanced by regular input from our School Nurse, Careers Advisor and SENCo.
After Chrysalis 

• During  the students’ last two weeks at the project they are supported with reintegration visits to their  host school with the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the process. 

• Reports are provided by Chrysalis staff for schools containing recommendations and next steps to support the student in being successful upon their return.  

• As part of the process students will be visited at their school on a weekly 

basis  for approximately 6 weeks after their placement at the chrysalis project by a member of the Chrysalis team. This is  to support the student  in maintaining their behaviour.

• Chrysalis contact details are given to both students and parents/carers who are invited to maintain contact if needed. 

Back to school

It will be important that students who have attended Chrysalis return to their school demonstrating some areas of positive change in their behaviour.  Perfection will not be expected but an improvement in attitude and a willingness to make an effort will be.

All Schools work hard to support students upon their return with an aim of helping them to remain within mainstream education. However, if the student does not show signs of improvement, schools will be entitled to take action in accordance with their behaviour and discipline policies. 

Ali Bellaby (Behaviour Advisory Teacher) 

“I can’t believe how different it is now I’m back at school. The teachers really understand me and I feel I’m doing great and will be able to get all my GCSEs with good grades”



“You can see the changes just in her mannerisms and smile”

(Mainstream Class teacher)


What people think: 

“He has changed completely. He comes home and really enjoys telling me how well he has done at school and what teachers have said to him”



“Behaviour has improved at home. He is more social and seems much happier now. He’s enjoyed reading the prospectus he collected from the careers fair”



“It’s really positive to see someone really wanting to get their behaviour right on return to school”

(Mainstream Head teacher)

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