In the year 666Bc, they all became infected. Anybody of the age 17 or higher lost their minds. It started with what seemed to be the usual flu or cold. However, it was permanent. If you didn’t die from the baubles that were tinted a sickly yellow colour. That often burst with blood and pale pus... Then you would die from asphyxiation. In the end of the plague, only the children were left.

After getting over the death of parents, loved ones and other adults. It seemed like wonderland. That was of course, until they came back. The once dead adults that lay rotten and decaying on the roads, all began attacking the living; the breathing. The world was a cruel place, where only the strongest survive. To survive, you had to fight! If you win the fight, you will live. If you lose, you die.

It was that day that humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction.

Eren sighed, his shaggy dark brown hair fell into his face. It wasn’t very long, though it was messy. From months of it being left. Eren’s teal green eyes flickered around the now cleaned room. To him, it was fine... Perfect! Eren placed the broom he held with his thin, tanned fingers against the gleaming white wall, he ran his hand through his hair, resting it on his head. A small, satisfied smirk lay on his lips. The brunette was not used to cleaning like this, it was after all a woman’s job. Then again, he didn’t expect to live with a clean-freak. Eren coughed into his hand “Mikasa!” He called, his voice cracking half way through his sentence. He visibly flinched. God, how he hated puberty.

Eren looked up at the door as he heard footsteps approach his room. A young female stood at the door, she was beautiful—stunning even.

She had chin length long black hair which framed her face perfectly, her pale skin was tinted slightly orange because of her Asian heritage. Her calm black eyes glanced around the room before resting on Eren. She had plump lips which were a light pink colour. She had a small nose with hardly any body weight. Only muscles. She was extremely physically fit. It even showed with her abs, that could be seen through her tight white shirt. She was perfectly curvy and had made multiple boys swoon for her. Though, she barely looked at them twice.

“Is there something you need, Eren?” She asked softly, no sign of emotion played at her lips as she stared at the boy in front of her. “Yeah, do you know what Levi’s standards are?” Eren asked curiously, glancing around the room in search for anything that

could be cleaned. Though, he found nothing. Mikasa glanced around too. “I’m sure it’s fine. Would you like me to check with Levi?” She asked gently, her arms were loose down her sides. Eren nodded, he walked over to his bed and casually lounged on it. Mikasa took this as her opportunity to leave the male, so she stalked off in the direction that Levi’s office was.

Eren sighed impatiently. What would he be doing if this hadn’t happened? He would be married to that woman. What was her name?... Annie Leonhart. Annie was a girl of considerably short height with a small yet very muscular build and physique. She has somewhat short hair that is often tied at the back with her right fringe mainly draping over the right side of her face. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a pronounced nose and pale complexion. Annie was violent. She was controlling and she wanted Eren to herself. Eren hadn’t seen her since... Before. Though, Eren didn’t love her. Not at all. He was slightly glad he hadn’t seen her though also worried.

A kick to his side made Eren yelp and fall off the side of the bed. Eren hit his head against the wall. He grunted, sitting up and rubbing his head with closed eyes. He opened his eyes and glanced at whoever had assaulted him. The 17 year old Levi stood with his scowl. He had only just turned 17 and was the strongest one in the hq. Levi had short, straight black hair styled in an undercut, as well as narrow, intimidating steel grey eyes with dark circles under them from sleep deprivation. He is quite short, but his physique is well-developed in musculature from extensive fighting. Levi glared down at him “Tch, it’s not time to sleep.” He scowled.

Eren shot up into a standing position. Levi was also very violent. He demanded that everybody called him either ‘Sir’ or ‘Corporal’. Since, that was his position. Levi sighed impatiently. “Sorry, Sir!” Eren called, a determined look in his eyes. Levi looked around, he found no dirt around, which was satisfying for him. “Good work, there is a scouting mission in an hour. Get prepared for it. You’re on squad with me, Jean, Marco and Mikasa.” Levi ordered Eren around, while Eren only cooperated. Levi rolled his eyes, then left the room. His green jacket that acted as a cape flew through the air on his fast turn.

Mikasa re-entered the room. In her hand was a small loaf of bread that the kitchen kids had made. She walked up to Eren. “Have you eaten today?” She asked him. Eren blinked, then he shook his head slowly. “N-Nngth!” Eren’s words were muffled as the bread was stuffed into his mouth.

Eren sighed, he pulled the large, green coat around him. There was going to be another scavenge. Another chance to take humanity back! Eren smirked, his green eyes flaming with determination. They were... They were going to take it all back! Humanity will survive! Eren picked up the long blade that sat on his bed, he opened the door and left the room.

Eren travelled through the halls, he passed a few more children. Some were no older than twelve. They needed the food. He walked out into the open air, his brown hair waved in the breeze. Outside, was Corporal Levi, Mikasa and two others.

Jean Kirstein stood, a smug smile on his lips. He had small hazel eyes that stared into a soul, his hair was light brown while the undercut was dark. He had a long face, something that reminded Eren of a horse. Jean smirked once his eyes lay on Eren. Though, rather than approach him, he turned to another male. Marco.

Marco Bott. He was tall, he had brown eyes and brown hair. He was relatively clean, the only spots on his face were the freckles on him. Marco grinned at Eren, waving slightly at him. Though, he was quickly turned away by Jean. Eren didn’t have the time to wave back. Eren huffed, he scowled and looked over at Levi. “Alright, let’s go brats.” Levi called, he quickly turned, leading the group into the town. Eren could faintly hear the locking of the doors behind him with the shuffling of furniture being moved.

Eren shuddered. It was dark around, the shadows stretched across the streets with the occasional groaning and moaning from the adults that stumbled across the road. As soon as the smell of fresh, plump human flesh came into their nostrils, they turned to the small group. Eren gasped. He would never get used to this.

Their long faces were drooped, disgusting and foul red blood drooped from their mouth. Their teeth were golden from smoking habits when they lived. Their flesh was pale, almost tinged a green. Large yellow spots filled with pus littered across their bodies. Ripped clothes revealed bones and guts. One of them had their brain revealed, it was a rotten grey colour. Making Eren wonder how the hell they moved.

It was then, that they attacked...


Saturday, June 23, 2018
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