Pupil Premium 2015-16

Objectives of spending PPG:
Accelerate progress;
Aim for all pupils to make progress and close the attainment of pupils compared to National data. 

Record of PPG spending by item/project 2015-2106




Speech Bubble


Improved communication, engagement and access to learning, increase in confidence

Duke of Edinburgh award


Booster sessions for KS4 pupils (Functional Skills and GCSEs)     




To improve confidence, team work skills, self-esteem and life skills.

1:1 Tuition and 1:1 support (including counselling) for pupils in KS2/3 /4 and CLA


To target pupils who have the
greatest gap to national data. To increase the % of pupils achieving the higher levels in English and Maths/Reading and Writing.

Enrichment activities (cooking, music, photography, equine)


To support improved attendance and engagement and emotional well being.

Provision of uniform / PE kit/transport


To raise the self esteem of pupils and confidence; thus impacting upon attendance, engagement and attainment.

Subsidising the cost of school visits including Water Park




Additional Educational Psychology hours




Setting up of Chill-Out Rooms at Pegasus.    













To ensure all pupils have access to school visits to enrich their curriculum and remove the potential cost barrier. To build self-confidence and self-esteem.
To support the behaviour policies in place within Educational Diversity.


Ensuring a greater number of assessments and interventions in place to aid with differentiation and personalised learning. To ensure that a young person’s primary need is addressed, as opposed to their presenting need.


To ensure the emotional well-being of KS2 and KS3 pupils by providing a safe, calming space for them to regulate their own behaviour

Total Predicted Costs for 2015 - 16


Saturday, September 23, 2017
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