Information and Duties

Educational Diversity Management Committee, in partnership with the Head Teacher, provides the overall strategic lead for the school. Our Management Committee includes in its membership, parents, staff and other professionals. The full Management Committee meets once a term.  The Management Committee has in place the following sub-committees Resources, Behaviour, Safety and Welfare and Learning, Teaching and Assessment. These committees meet at least once each term.

The Management Committee work as a team. They are responsible for making sure the school provides an outstanding quality education for all its young people. Ensuring there is a relentless drive to equip each and every one of them for the demands of the twenty-first century through the development of the 4 C’s – Confidence, Challenge, Commitment and Control having the highest expectations of what all our young people can achieve.

The Management Committee together with the Head Teacher sets the school’s aims and policies. The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

The Management Committee is accountable to parents, the local community and the Local Authority. Appointment to the Management Committee is for a period of four years.

The Management Committee:


  • Is accountable for the performance of the school to parents, the local community and the Local Authority
  • Plans the school’s future direction
  • Recruits and selects the Head Teacher
  • Makes decisions on the school’s budget and staffing including the performance   management policy
  • Makes sure the agreed Curriculum is well taught
  • Decides how the school can encourage young people’s spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • Makes sure the school provides for all young people


Members are at the heart of how a school operates, they support and challenge the Head Teachers by gathering views, asking questions and discussing what’s best for the school. They have to be prepared to give and take advice and must be loyal to decisions taken by the governing body as a whole. As long as they act within the law and take appropriate advice, members are protected from any financial liability for the decisions they take.

Educational Diversity Management Committee members take an active role in the life of the school.

Members are advised to register interests of both themselves and any member of their immediate family (including partners).

Members have read the guidelines regarding Register of Pecuniary or Business Interests and declared whether or not they have any interests that may conflict with their duties as a Governor.